Boring Company will no longer pursue test tunnel under 405 freeway – Says bring on the Dugout Loop!

The Boring Company has chosen to abandon the proposed test tunnel running under the 405 freeway at the request of a group of residents from the city of Brentwood.

According to an official statement from the firm, “The Boring Company is no longer seeking the development of the Sepulveda test tunnel and instead seeks to construct an operational tunnel at Dodger Stadium.”

After a short legal negotiation brought forth by a group of Brentwood residents citing their concerns that the project was to be exempt from an environmental impact report, the Boring Company has agreed to shift their sights from the test tunnel to the Dodger Stadium dugout loop project proposed in August of this year.

Given the completion of the test tunnel running from the Boring Company HQ in Hawthorne, it is likely that an additional test tunnel was not necessary and that the Boring Company had no qualms shifting focus from the 405 project to the Dugout Loop – which will be subject to a thorough EIR (Environmental Impact Report) and eventually be open to the public.

As sports fans and native Angelenos, we’re glad to hear that the Dugout Loop project is now taking priority and can’t wait to see (and ride) the finished project.