The First Segment of a Microtunnel in Albania is Completed

TAP's Micro-Tunnel Albania

The Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) successfully completed the first segment of its micro-tunnel in the Skrapari mountainous region, near Tirana, the capital of Albania back in April, 2018.

With Spiecapag , TAP’s contractor being at the helm, in conjunction with a boring machine managed by Bessac which was a subcontractor on the project, the boring machine finished digging the 1,800+ foot tunnel (560 meter) to complete this phase in line with the project schedule without any snags.

According to TAP AG, “the micro-tunnel is constructed using state-of-the-art technology, which ensures safety while minimizing impact on the environment. With the Eastern leg completed, the works on the Western segment of the micro-tunnel will now start. The micro-tunnel construction works are due to be finalized during the summer. The micro-tunnel in Çorovoda is comprised of the now completed 560-metre Eastern tunnel and a 600-metre Western section. The micro-tunnel will be 1.5 kilometres long, with a 1.8-metre diameter, and avoid any impact on the banks of the Osumi River and a newly constructed bypass road.”

So, for whatever reason, if you find yourself in Albania this summer, checkout Skrapari mountainous region to see the project. We think you will be impressed.

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