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The Boring Company Video Game

The Boring Company Video Game

Back on September 9th 2018, The Boring Company posted on its YouTube channel something rather interesting, a video of what appears to be a Boring Company employee using a Microsoft xBox controller, controlling parts of one of their TBMs (probably Godot) with a video caption of “Best Video Game Ever”.

Very intriguing if you as us but what would have been cooler is if they had a voice activated command as well (think Amazon Alexa).

Can you picture that? “Godot, increase your boring speed”, “Gadot, turn rock and dirt into sand”, “Gadot, bore for gold” OK, OK, we got a little ahead of our selves there but you get the point.

Arguably, we think that the best part about the video are the comments; here are some of the best ones:


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