The Boring Company Offers Hawthorne Tunnel Site Tours for LA County Students


Here’s some exciting news for students in Los Angeles – The Boring Company will be hosting student tours of the newly completed Hawthorne tunnel site!

In an announcement posted on the company’s Twitter account, interested schools can reach out to The Boring Company directly to set up a tour for up to 30 students.

Some speculate that this is a move meant to familiarize an up-and-coming generation of commuters to the new technology, in a bid to garner support for future implementation across LA county.

And what better way to get the kids on your side than giving them a day off school?

Right now further details on the tours themselves are a bit hard to come by, but we hope to see participating students and faculty across all of Los Angeles share their experience on social media.

At the very least, the students will be able to check out some some of the latest and greatest tunneling technology and maybe even get a surprise visit from the visionary, Elon Musk himself.

Given that the trips will be sponsored by the participating school districts, The Boring Company may have to leave the flamethrowers out of this one.

Either way – this is an incredibly exciting opportunity for students and faculty alike in LA county and one we’re sure will be taken advantage of.

Hopefully, we’ll get the invite when they decide to host tours for tunnel bloggers (wink-wink).

Until then, I suppose we’ll have to leave the fun to the students.  


Featured Image: Elon Musk/Tesla/Boring Company


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