The Boring Company Hosts Kid (And K-9) Friendly Not-A-Flamethrower Pick-Up Party in DC

The Boring Company is back with another one of its popular Not-A-Flamethrower pick-up parties, this time in Washington DC!

The company decided to produce flamethrowers (later dubbed as not-a-flamethrower for legal reasons) earlier this year, quickly selling all 20,000 units produced, raking in $10 million in sales.


Now they are hosting nationwide pick-up parties, like the one that happened this weekend (8/4/2018) in Washington DC, and from the looks of the pictures on the Internet, it seems they are living up to the name.

The event was filled with customers eager to get their hands on their long-awaited purchase, and not surprisingly, a lot of flame power.

Customers were able to pick-up and learn how to safely operate the thrower by practicing a long distance marshmallow roast. We call that seasoned-on-the-mellow.

The Boring Company seemed to be promoting a family and K-9 friendly event, posting numerous photos on their Twitter feed, showing kids and even dogs joining in on the fun.

Needless to say, the event looked like a huge hit with flamethrower owners, their families, and K-9 companions, all joining in on the fun.

Well done to The Boring Company for putting on what looked like a fantastic event; AGAIN! We’re looking forward to seeing what’s in store next for Elon Musk and the Boring Company!

For now, we hope all future pick-up parties are as fun, safe, and family friendly as the one in DC and the original one in Hawthorne.