The 2020 Hyperloop competition will be in a six-mile curved tunnel

hyperloop competition
Photo Credit: Okras

Listen up everyone! Word on Twitter is that Elon Musk plans on changing up the game for next years Hyperloop student engineering completion. The 2020’s Hyperloop competition will be done in a tunnel that’s over six miles long, the SpaceX CEO said on Twitter on Sunday, with a curve instead of being in a straight line like the current, 3/4-mile test tunnel at SpaceX’s Hawthorne HQ:

For those of you that understand thermal dynamics and mechanical engineering, Mr. Musks proposed change present some challenges, specifically, one that is unclear how and where SpaceX will make happen, given that the current test tunnel can support likely an additional “200 meters”.

Talks with internal staff, Elon plans on building and/or extending the Boring Company-dug tunnel about three years from now for use in the annual student challenge so the pods can really move. Additionally, Musk also entertained the possibility of starting a new engineering competition around The Boring Company’s main mission: Tunneling , stating “We could maybe do a tunneling competition, that might be good. We’ll consider a tunneling competition, I think a tunneling thing would be pretty exciting.”

As many of you might know Musk, like all of us Angelinos, got tired of sitting in LA traffic and decided to do something about it. He cooked up a plan to try to dig tunnels and automate transportation underground in hopes to reduce traffic and pollution. When you are a visionary, are as popular as Mr. Musk and boast a 10 figure bank account, sometimes the inevitable really happens!


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