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Is SkyWay the future of transportation?

Is SkyWay the future of transportation?

If you’ve skied or snowboarded before or had to go up a mountain quickly, you either jumped on a ski lift or on a gondola; or if you’re fancy you took a helicopter up.

For the non fancy people that didn’t take a helicopter, one can remember their first experience on a ski lift or gondola and the excitement as they quickly, quietly and smoothly lifted up the white mountain to get to the top.

Well, imagine that same experience but with no snow and no mountains, just flat ground while being transported on a cable in an awesome looking car that hangs above the city or water.

Enter SkyWay, a fundamentally new transport system, which is eco-friendly, safe, comfortable and significantly cheaper compared to all existing solutions designed specifically for cargo and passenger transportation.

According to their YouTube video above, full-scale prototypes of tracks and rolling stock are implemented and certified in the town of Maryina Gorka, of the Republic of Belarus and will presumably soon make their way into a reality, in Dubai as you can see in the video below:

How awesome is that? According to SkyWay’s YouTube video description, here is a little more info on what they are doing; “string transport is designed to forever change the conception of speed, comfort and safety on the roads. These systems are superior to all the known types of rope-ways and monorails, whereas they have all their advantages that allow to ride above the ground at speeds of up to 310 miles per hour (500 km/h)”

“In terms of performance efficiency SkyWay, is not inferior to metro and railway; by construction cost it is comparable to an average highway, while it has no analogues by energy efficiency.”

“Lightweight and slender composite structures fit harmoniously both into urban and natural environment. They do not shade the sky and do not take in land opening up new spaces and opportunities in mobility to man.

“SkyWay is just the transport from books and films about the future implemented in the present. Reality about the best.”

To put it in simple terms, it appears to us that SkyWay is taking the metro and rail-way connected technology and putting it up in the air by suspending the cars and moving people in air like an airplane sans the wings and high altitude that’s attached to a cable. In other words, moving people from point A to point B in utterly large gondolas; that makes perfect sense to us.

In theory, this innovative idea will not only reduce the amount of traffic and accidents in heavily polluted cities, but it will harmonically and safely transport people and cargo vast distances in a reputable and timely manner.

Imaging how awesome this would be in New Your City, as you travel from one end of the island to the other end between the tall buildings; we can foresee people taking selfies for days. Or in Los Angeles, where Tunnel Insider is head-quartered, getting from Santa Monica to Downtown without having to step in a car or be stuck in traffic would be heaven-sent.

Although a very similar project was proposed in Los Angeles which would transport Dodger fans to and from the Dodger stadium in Downtown, however, we don’t know when or if this will come to fruition but it would be super cool if it did. Elon Musk also proposed a means of transporting Dodger fans to and from the game but via Hyperloop System which you can read more about here which would also be super cool.

For more information or if you’d like to learn more about SkyWay, be sure to check out their website http://rsw-systems.com/

This article idea was presented to us by one of our readers and we’re glad that they reached out because not only did we learn something new but it enabled Tunnel Insider to provide our readers with content that they probably haven’t seen or read before. With that said, we encourage all of our readers to contact us through Facebook Messenger if they come across some emerging transportation technology or cool article that they think Tunnel Insider’s readers would enjoy.

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