Home Videos Experience the Boring Company’s loop system (video)

Experience the Boring Company’s loop system (video)

Experience the Boring Company’s loop system (video)

You’ve probably heard all of the hype about Elon Musk’s and Boring Company’s loop system, now you can actually see it in action.

Back on December 17th, 2016 Elon Musk sent out a tweet at 5:05AM acknowledging the current bad traffic conditions and said that he’s going to build a TBM and dig tunnels in hopes of fixing the traffic problem in Los Angeles and revolutionizing public transportation.

Well, on December 18th, 2018 (debut date was scheduled for December 12th but the date was pushed up) Mr Musk, showed off what was once an Tweet, now a reality, and boy is it cool!

The video almost rivals the Boring Company’s previous animations of that the loop and tunnel system would likely look like. We think that the actual footage is much brighter than the color pallet used to make the loop system animation video. But then again, tunnels are usually dark not lit.

All in all, we here at Tunnel Insider are super excited to see Elon’s and the Boring Company’s next steps in their tunneling endeavor in solving the traffic challenges in Los Angeles and hopefully other cities around the world.

For a more in dept look of the loop system opening ceremony in Hawthorn, CA on December 18, 2018, check out the Boring Company’s live webcast through YouTube.


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