Elon Musk sells all 20,000 Boring Company flamethrowers, fast!

the boring company flamethrowers

When selling 50,000 Boring Company hats isn’t enough for Elon Musk, he needs to challenge the status quo and sell the next coolest gadget; a flamethrower! BAM!

We’re not talking a few hundred units, or a few thousand units, Musk’s fire sale of his Boring Company “flamethrowers” raised $10M, selling out all 20,000 units, despite warnings from the U.S. Department of State and a US politician.

Who would have though that flamethrowers could be so cool? They are when Elon Musk decides they are!

However, Elon can’t just sell Boring Company flamethrowers without making one work for it, you make it enticing by announcing it over Twitter then putting a password protected page on The Boring Company’s website. In order to buy one, you had to guess the password.

Fun right? Not-so-much. After an overwhelming amount of traffic to the site and demand for the flamethrower, The Boring Company removed the password-protected page allowing for the purchase. Thank you!

A couple of days later, Musk, tweeted that all the $500 flamethrowers were sold out and that they would be shipping out Summer of 2018.

Our managing company, Rocket One Inc., was lucky enough to secure a flamethrower. Were you able to get one also? We want to hear from you in the comments below or by contacting us!


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