Home Videos Elon Musk Calls The Boring Company a ‘Joke’ on the Joe Rogan Experience

Elon Musk Calls The Boring Company a ‘Joke’ on the Joe Rogan Experience

Elon Musk Calls The Boring Company a ‘Joke’ on the Joe Rogan Experience

When you ask someone what their hobbies are, you would typically hear something along the lines of “I enjoy working out, hiking, and hanging with friends and family on the weekend, etc.”

However, for Elon Musk, the idea of a hobby is quite different – entailing the creation of a hundred-million dollar company that digs tunnels and sells flamethrowers.

If that’s not enough to raise eyebrows, Musk mentions in this interview that the company started as a “joke”! Really? A “joke”? Well, its a damn good joke!

The Boring Company began by selling hats, grossing a handsome $1 million dollars in sales before they released, perhaps their most widely known product yet, the not-a-flamethrower which grossed 10x that.

Musk said the flamethrower idea was inspired by the popular Star Wars parody Spaceballs, and that the company “didn’t put a lot of time” into making it – which is either really impressive or slightly concerning depending on how you want to look at it.

When asked if he thought creating and selling a flamethrower was a good idea, Musk responded frankly that it was a “terrible idea”, which we disagree and we’re certain that the 19,999 other people that bough one would feel the same.

We aren’t making this up – skip to 2:06 in the video above to hear Musk say this himself.

Allegedly, Musk suggested that customers do not buy the flamethrower, but evidently 20,000 people did not heed this warning, including the founder of Tunnel Insider.

Given the fact that they made ten million dollars in sales, I’m not sure Musk was exactly disappointed that customers ignored his advice; we wouldn’t be.

This is only a short snippet of a much longer interview jam packed with Elon Musk’s thoughts on all of his latest exploits, including Tesla, Space X, and more on The Boring Company.

Take a look at the 4 minute video and let us know what you think and feel free to comment below; we promise we aren’t making this stuff up!




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