Contract Granted For Maju Station And Tunnels Under Cross Island Line Phase 2

The Cross Island Line Phase 2 contract holds a value of S$480 million

The civil contract for the design and construction of Maju station and tunnels under the Cross Island Line Phase 2 (CRL2) has been awarded to KTC Civil Engineering & Construction Pte Ltd by Singapore’s Land Transport Authority (LTA).

The CRL Maju station is an underground station on Clementi Road that may be found next to existing infrastructure, including housing buildings and educational facilities. Due to the location’s uneven topography and varied ground conditions, the job is considered to be difficult. Before excavation and building work for station structures start, earth retaining and stabilizing structures will be put in place for security and ground stability.

The improvements, which are going to be done close to the Clementi Forest, were the subject of a thorough Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) that LTA completed. Meetings with environmental organizations to discuss important biodiversity concerns pertaining to the Clementi Forest were a part of the EIA process. It’s expected that the CRL Maju station construction will begin in the second quarter of 2024, and the Cross Island Line Phase 2 passenger service will start in 2032.

Cross Island Line Phase 2
Land Transport Authority

The CRL serves current and upcoming developments in the eastern, north-eastern, and western corridors as Singapore’s eighth MRT line. It will connect hubs including Changi area, Punggol Digital District, and Jurong Lake District. Commuters will find it easier to travel throughout the rail network as the CRL will have nearly half of its stations as interchanges with other rail lines.

There will be three phases to the construction of the underground CRL. CRL Phase 1 was announced in 2019 with 12 stations from Aviation Park to Bright Hill. The construction project has already started and is set to  finish by 2030.

Six subterranean stations make up Cross Island Line Phase 2, which was announced in September 2022. The stations include Turf City, King Albert Park, Maju, Clementi, West Coast, and Jurong Lake District.