Boring Company announces plans for ‘100 Layers’ of tunnels underneath Los Angeles

In a recent interview on the ‘Recode’ podcast, Boring Company CEO Elon Musk announces the Boring Company’s plans to create a 3D network of tunnels beneath Los Angeles potentially reaching 100 layers in depth.

While for us here at Tunnel Insider these plans have been relatively well know, with Elon Musk even mentioning them in a TED talk – it is still exciting to hear that it’s becoming increasingly likely to turn into a reality as the Boring Company progresses.

Of course, experts expect that it will take quite some time for tunneling technology to progress before something like this would ever become possible or practical to pursue – but still exciting news nonetheless.

Imagining an interconnected 3-D network of tunnels weaving through one another and overlapping seems like something only possible in a science fiction plot (well, kind of..) but we’re excited to see what the Boring Company can do to make it a reality.


Elon Musk: The Recode interview

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