BMW fly’s through the air then slam into the top of a tunnel in Slovakia

A BMW driver was captured on camera in Slovakia getting some serious air in his X3. From the video above, it can be seen that the driver of the BMW was traveling at what appears to be normal speed and at on point, appeared to veer off to the right hitting what appears to be a “ramp like” structure launching his vehicle into the air.

Whats crazy about the video is that the amount of air time the BMW got. We’re guessing that the driver must have been doing at least 50-60MPH to be able to get that kind of air hang time.

Whats also interesting is that you can see the car fly strait meaning that the car was well balanced and the driver applying the brakes in mid air before hitting the top of the tunnel.

Neuveriteľná nehoda

NEUVERITEĽNÁ NEHODA: AUTO VYLETELO DO VZDUCHU PRI TUNELI BÔRIKDnes (20.12.2018) krátko pred 05:00 h sa stala nehoda osobného auta BMW pred tunelom Bôrik. Po dopade do tunela auto ostalo stáť na kolesách v smere jazdy Vodičovi (44 ročný Bardejovčan) sa v podstate nič nestalo, bol len jednorázovo ošetrený, v aute bol sám. Dychová skúška na alkohol bola negatívna.

Posted by Polícia Slovenskej republiky on Thursday, December 20, 2018

We’re going to assume that the driver probably woke up while airborne and his immediate and involuntary reaction was to apply the brakes to try to stop a car.

Braking in mid air is obviously not going to do slow you down but rather change the pitch of the car.

However, had the X3 been equipped with a rear spoiler, that moved up and down when when the brakes were applied, that may have altered the trajectory of the car while airborne acting as an air brake.

Slovakian police have confirmed that the driver was 44 year-old man who was said to have experienced a bout of “microsleep.” which is described as a loss of consciousness anywhere between a fraction of a second to 30 seconds and that alcohol had nothing to do with the incident. The driver escaped with only bruises; no broken bones. Lucky for him.

The takeaway here is that if you’re going to launch a car, it should probably be a BMW as they appear to be very well balanced while up in the air, increasing the changes the car will land on all four wheels. But please don’t do that!

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