A structural engineer asks girl out

Tim, an incredibly smart and presentable structural engineer needs a date to his company’s Christmas Party. He’s been locking eyes with a girl that works in his building for some time now but has never spoke to her. One day he sees her alone outside and goes over to introduce himself. After a few minutes of talking, she seems to take a liking to him, fast!

So Tim, decides to go in for the kill and asks her if she would accompany him at his company’s Christmas Party. The girl, taken back a bit, says if you can answer the next question correctly, I will go with you. “Deal” says Tim confidently!

The girl beings and says “The red house is on the white street, and the blue house is on the red street. Where is the white house?”

If you’re reading this, you’re Tim. Are you going to take the girl to the Christmas Party? Better answer correctly 🙂

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