Home News A clear tunnel in the world’s deepest pool

A clear tunnel in the world’s deepest pool

A clear tunnel in the world’s deepest pool
Photo Credit: House Beautiful

Who thinks its a good idea to add a clear tunnel inside a pool? Deepspot thinks so. Located near Warsaw, Poland, Deepspot, a diving training facility sinks to remarkable depth of 148 feet (45 meters), which is about a 15-story building reports House Beautiful.

You may have heard about the biggest pool in the world located at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile, but Poland felt that they needed to top that and build the deepest pool in the world. We see them!

“The amount of water needed to fill it is equivalent to 27 Olympic-size swimming pools! It will officially get crowned the world’s deepest pool when it opens in August, unseating the current record-holder, Y-40 The Deep Joy pool in Italy, which is 131 feet.” according to House Beautiful

Don’t believe us? Check out the pic below:

Worlds Deepest Pool with a Tunnel
Photo Credit: Deepspot

The facility is deigned for divers to train and practice in; it even has structures that simulate caves for real world applications. From advanced all the way to beginners, divers of all sorts will be accepted.

The water is expected to be heated so people can get in with or without wet suits, just like at the beach or sea. Now the real question is “will the water be fresh or salty?” If we had to venture a guess, we’d say fresh with a hint of salt.

One of the coolest aspects of this facility is the clear tunnel where observers can walk through and experience an unprecedented view of the underwater and see the divers in action (see cover photo). This is actually why we covered this story because of the clear tunnel. We’ve walked through underwater tunnels before with fish and sharks swimming above us but never humans.

It turns out that Deepspot isn’t just a deep pool, but rather a destination spot built to contain underground restaurants, hotel rooms, and conference spaces, most with windows that look directly into the pool, so you can see all the action. Here fishy, fishy!

It would be funny if someone played a prank and snuck in some live fish and releases them in the pool. How long will it take to capture the fish? Our guess? Probably a very ling time. Imaging seeing someone fishing to catch the fish from your hotel window. Now that would be hilarious; no? Either way, it would be a spot we’d like to check out.


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